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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries require high quality integrated solutions to ensure product safety and efficacy. Thanks to the know-how developed by our design department, we can design and manufacture customised solutions to meet industry-specific needs (components for the construction of reactors, stirrers and mixers) guaranteeing the highest quality standards. We can carry out mechanical polishing to a mirror effect and to a degree of roughness in line with customer requirements on any manufactured item. We are also able to carry out drilling to drawing of any kind by laser cutting.

Chemical industry

We specialise in the design and manufacturing of dished heads and ferrule tubes to be used in equipment for the chemical industry. Our strong point is the possibility of carrying out internal polishing of the dished heads and pipes, a feature required by this sector according to design applications, guaranteeing a smooth surface free of impurities, which is a key requirement to ensure the safety and effectiveness of any chemical equipment. Upon specific customer requests we can also provide a wide range of certifications: PED, ASME, TUV, DIN, AFNOR as well as a 3.1 material certificate which is supplied as standard.

Transport industry

Our product range includes large dished heads and ferrule tubes suitable for the total length of trucks, used for the creation of customised tanks for transporting food and non-food liquids. Thanks to our industry-specific expertise, we are able to offer integrated solutions that guarantee maximum efficiency and safety as regards goods haulage.


We manufacture flanged pipes for the construction of filters used in a number of industrial applications. Our company offers a wide range of stainless steel solutions as well as the possibility of choosing customised surface finishes, such as polishing, satin finishing and flower embossing. Our constant commitment to attention to every detail shows our focus on providing high quality solutions for the production of industrial filters.

Dairy industry

The Dairy sector, linked to the agricultural world, is one of the leading production sectors on the economy scene worldwide. Our company supports international partners in creating products in line with market demands thanks to long-standing experience that allows us to design high quality stainless steel components and provide customised solutions for the processing of milk and dairy products. “Spheres” (dished only heads) are very high in demand in this sector: they are made to specific customer designs and finished with surface machining techniques including polishing, satin finishing and flower embossing.

Wine and Brewery industry

The production of dished heads and ferrule tubes for the wine and brewery sector requires a special focus on product quality, precision in manufacturing and compliance with the safety and quality standards of the industry. We are able to offer different surface finishes for these components, including polishing, satin finishing and flower embossing, to meet all customer needs. The attention to every detail is a distinctive feature of our production for this sector.

Food sector

Traditionally, one of the sectors most widely covered by Inox Fondi has to be the food sector. The long-standing experience we gained over the years helps us to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are able to produce a complete blanching machine, an essential solution for the food processing industry. Our constant attention to quality and precision during the machining of components allows us to provide customised solutions ensuring efficiency and safety in the production of food-grade equipment.

Naval sector

We are the ideal partner for companies active in the naval sector looking for innovative and high quality solutions. Thanks to our wide range of dished heads and stainless steel pipes built to technical specifications as requested by customers and in accordance with the quality standards of the main inspection bodies, we are able to supply customised equipment to suit every need. Our constant attention to quality and precision in the machining of components allows us to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety for the production of industry-specific equipment.

Cryogenic industry

Cryogenic plants operate at extremely low temperatures and require materials highly resistant to mechanical stress and deformation at low temperatures. The machining of cryogenic equipment components and parts requires a special focus on accuracy to ensure proper functioning of the entire system, capable of operating in extremely harsh environments. Inox Fondi can offer solutions that comply with the safety and quality standards required by the sector.

Energy sector

Inox Fondi can design customised products to meet the needs of companies operating in the Energy sector for the production of equipment and machinery. The partnership established over the years with some of the main players on the market allows us to offer various production solutions, such as dished heads with or without 3D holes or ferrule tubes made to specific requests. The use of high quality stainless steel, skilled manufacturing of components and compliance with the safety and quality standards required by the energy industry guarantee the strength, durability and efficiency of our equipment and machinery.

Oil & Gas industry

The Oil & Gas industry requires equipment built to high quality standards, capable of guaranteeing maximum efficiency and safety in production and transport operations. Dished and dished-only heads, flanged only heads, cone heads and ferrule tubes used for this equipment must be made with high quality and resistant materials, such as stainless steel, and machined with equipment able to guarantee their precision and compliance with the regulatory standards for the industry. Inox Fondi offers customised and innovative solutions to meet the needs of all industry players.

International certifications

Alongside the Quality Certification granted by TÜV Italia, we also offer other certifications of technical conformity of our products.
In particular we are authorised to supply dished heads according to PED 2014/68/EU, ASME VIII Div.1, AD2000-MERKBLATT W 0, UKCA, TDT standards and to consequently release certificates for the construction of pressure vessels.

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